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Experian Bureau Empresarial

Experian Bureau Empresarial

The Experian Bureau Empresarial, Bank and Multi - sectorial Defaults of Payment (E.B.E. Defaults of Payments) is a file that contains information on unpaid credit operations and their historical evolution and characteristics.

What is the Experian Bureau Empresarial file?

Experian Bureau Empresarial is the file containing information about businesses' unpaid credit operations.

The file is extracted from the Experian Credit Bureau, which is the most widely used by the financial institutions and that collects information on more than 500,000 debtor companies with a total accumulated debt of 65,000 million euros.

What is the Experian Bureau Empresarial file?

Consult the Experian Bureau Empresarial file

When you contract Informa's services you could access to this file and obtain information on defaults of payments of the consulted Spanish companies.

What information is contained in the EBE Defaults of Payment's file?:

  • Creditor type
  • Product
  • Amount of the operations
  • Number of non-payments
  • Non payments amount (with a total sum in the bottom of the page)
  • Date of the first non-payment
  • Date of the last non-payment

The price of an EBE Defaults of Payment consultation is 0.6 units per consultation.

Do you want to know if your customers are included in any defaulters' file?