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Credit insurance

Credit insurance

INFORMA with the vast credit insurance management experience of our parent company Cesce offers solutions for a quick and easy insurance of your customers.

We adapt to your needs and the size of your company.  

Discover the benefits of Credit Insurance and reduce non-payment risk

Do you know what Credit Insurance is?

It is a tool that helps companies cover their commercial risks and compete nationally and internationally. Credit insurance covers companies against non-payment risks derived from the sales of products and services.

When is it useful to contract a Credit insurance?

Sale on a credit basis is a common practice. Accepting delayed payment terms implies assuming a non-payment risk that should be taken into account when choosing the client with which you are going to carry out a commercial transaction. If that client has an unstable location the operation may derive in an unpaid invoice ¿can your business assume that risk? Wouldn't it be better to insure your Balance sheet and Profit and loss account?

The credit insurance does precisely provide guarantee in the collection of business operations covering insolvency risks and reducing the impact that a non-payment can have on the stability of your business and its continuation.

An essential tool for an efficient risk management: on a commercial transaction non-payment, apart from the compensation the credit insurance, it includes the collection management of the unpaid debt.

Discover the benefits of Credit Insurance and reduce non-payment risk

What credit insurance do we offer at INFORMA?

At INFORMA, we think about how to help you reduce your customers’ non-payment risk and thus, we offer you two credit insurances to adapt to your needs.

Deudor Seguro Exprés

The insurance allows you to insure only the national customers you need. Quickly insure debtor to debtor from INFORMA’s website.

Póliza Fácil

Insurance designed to insure all national and international sales of your customer portfolio with no prior portfolio evaluation.

What credit insurance do we offer at INFORMA?

Deudor Seguro Exprés: An exclusive policy.

An exclusive policy only for INFORMA customers: designed so that you can insure only the customers with credit sales that you need from our website.

Deudor Seguro Exprés is a policy that facilitates the commercial credit insurance process:

  1. Insurance with no initial premiums or sales declarations.
  2. You apply for insurance from INFORMA’s website in just a few clicks.
  3. You insure your customers, not their operations.
  4. You only insure the customers you need; you don't have to insure your entire client portfolio.

How does Deudor Seguro Exprés work?

Quick and easy insurance of your customers from INFORMA’s website.

  1. Sign up the Insurance General Conditions, with no cost or commitment.
  2. The option to insure customers within Informa’s reports is activated automatically.
  3. Choose the customer you want to insure and request it from their report on INFORMA's website.
  4. We inform you about the cost of the premium and you decide whether to insure or not.
  5. Accept the operation in one click and you will have your client insured.

Characteristics of the Deudor Seguro Exprés policy

  • No initial Premium.
  • No study expenses.
  • No sales notification.
  • Valid for national customers.
  • Requested risk: : From 3,000 € to 60,000 €.
  • Coverage duration: 3 months
  • Coverage % 90%
  • Maximum sales period180 days
  • Premium depending on the debtor, , risk limit granted and duration of the limit.
  • No minimum number of customers to insure.
  • Default recovery service included.
  • Coverage update before maturity.

Póliza Fácil: Insure the sales of your entire portfolio.

If your SME sales on a credit basis we do offer you the easier and quicker non-payments insurance.

  • It guarantees the sales of all your clients' portfolio.
  • Compensation of unpaid credits.
  • Coverage: 85% of the risk limit of your classified customers.
  • With no administrative charges for your company.
  • Flat rate depending on your sales volume.
  • You can have a cover of anonymous or not classified clients.
  • Debt recovery management service.
  • Improve your financing sources by improving your credit conditions.

We also offer an online service to pre-sort through risks, a system that will allow you to find out the risk assigned to 3 customers before contracting the policy.

How does Póliza Fácil credit insurance operate?

  1. Calculate online the price of your credit insurance according to your turnover..
  2. Sign the contract
  3. No paperwork or sales declarations; the policy has 100% online management
  4. What would you get with this insurance?:
  1. All your sales insured
  2. Debt default of payments collection service included in the premium.
  3. Information on your customers' risks .

Features of the Póliza Fácil credit insurance

  • Valid policy for SMEs with a sales volume of up to 5MM €
  • National and international sales cover in 32 countries
  • Fixed premium adjusted to the sales volume and with a fractioned payment
  • Without needing a previous evaluation of the debtors portfolio
  • Without a collections or sales declaration

If you identify your clients for Cesce to classify them:

  • Cesce insures you 85% of the risk limit
  • You would have a maximum risk limit of €160,000 per debtor
  • You would not have any annual maximum compensation on those debtors

If you decide not to identify any of your clients you can do it. In that case:

  • Cesce insures 60% of the risk limit
  • You would have a maximum risk limit per anonymous debtor of €3,000
  • The maximum annual compensation will be 3 times the premium

Consult Póliza Fácil conditions

Póliza Fácil: Insure the sales of your entire portfolio.

Protect yourself and reduce your risks with our credit insurance policies